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CABA's Smart Homes

Carol Priefert

Senior Product Development Manager

Whirlpool Corporation

Tuesday - August 20, 2009
Archived Video Available (WMV format)

$295.00 USD

Briefing Abstract

According to CABA's Connected Home Research Council, smart or connected homes intelligently access wide area network services such as television and radio programming, data and voice communications, life safety and energy management/control information and distribute them throughout the home for convenient use by consumers.

This webinar will examine the current trends in the digital and connected home space and will explore new market opportunities. Learn about what over 1,200 North American adults a have to say about their desire for a Smart Home and how they envision new consumers that could in the near future be in the connected home. The information is from the CABA' CH-RC 2008 State of the Connected Home research study by Carol Priefert from Whirlpool who was one of the participating company in the study.

Speaker Profile

Currently a Senior Product Development Manager, Carol Priefert has been involved in educating others about the needs of the household manager as it relates to the Internet and technology for over the past 11 years. She is author of the book Home and Family Internet Resource Guide and lectures on the topic. Priefert is a graduate of the University of Nebraska with a BS degree in Family and Consumer Science and has taken MBA classes at Michigan State. She has worked for companies such as ED & F Mann, GE, and Merill at various product development and marketing positions.