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The Burgeoning Mobile Handset Market in China
How Chinese Handset Makers Work with Taiwanese Technologies to Take on Global Brands and the World

Karl J, Weaver


Newport Technologies

October 28, 2009
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

$295.00 USD*

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Briefing Abstract

  • Evolution of The Global Handset Industry
  • History of Mobile Handsets in China
  • China Handset Market Statistics
  • Greater China Integration Strategy
  • China + Taiwan Global ICT Supply Chain Connection
  • OEM/ODM Handset Supply Chain Logistics
  • A Global Sourcing Taxonomy
  • Chinese Domestic Branded Handsets – Growing Fast
  • Mobile Phone Retail Channels in China
  • China’s Regional Handset Manufacturers
  • Taiwan’s Top Handset Makers, List of Major handset ODM/OBMs
  • OEM/ODM handset Summary
  • Shan Zhai – Bandit Handset Characteristics
  • Shan Zhai Ji Examples In the Grey Market
  • The Rise Of MediaTek MTK and Their Blue Ocean Strategy In Greater China, Emerging Markets
  • Disruptive Innovation from a Silicon Chip (Soc) • Birth From Shan Zhai Ji to Global Brand – It Can Happen!
  • Conclusion

Speaker Profile

Karl J. Weaver was born and grew up in Quincy, Massachusetts and currently resides with his family in Woodinville, Washington State. Karl is a globally trained wireless executive with Mandarin Chinese Language and Asian cross-cultural business expertise. He obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in 1982 from Salve Regina University in Newport, Rhode Island. He then received a 3-year scholarship to studying Mandarin Chinese language in 1982 at National Taiwan Normal University, Mandarin Training Center in Taipei, Taiwan. After finishing his Chinese language studies in 1985, he worked in Taiwan from 1985~1992 as Export Sales Manager in the microcomputer manufacturing industry for Digicom, Inc. After 10 years of living/working in Taiwan, Karl returned to the USA and reinvented himself as a wireless industry Sales/Marketing professional and helped 4 Washington State wireless/telecom technology companies (Zetron, Metawave, Leviton Voice & Data, and Intrinsyc Software International) export wireless technologies to Asia-Pacific markets. In 1999, Karl was selected by the U.S. State Department and the WTO Seattle Host Organization as volunteer Hong Kong liaison officer to manage a 25-person Hong Kong delegation sent to represent the Hong Kong government during the 3rd round of the Seattle WTO Ministerial Sessions in December, 1999. Karl is also certified in Wireless Communications from the University of Washington, Seattle. Karl was also recruited by Motorola/Freescale Semiconductor from 2004~mid-205 to work on wireless connectivity solutions and mobile device convergence in Tempe, Arizona. Karl returned to Washington State in 2005 to work as Greater China Handset Business Development Manager for Intrinsyc Software International to promote a feature phone operating system based in Windows CE core SKU to Greater Chinese OEM/ODM handset vendors. In 2007, Karl was recruited by senior management of Seattle University's Albers School of Business and Economics to the post of part-time Adjunct Professor, Dept of Management/Marketing at Seattle University to teach Globalization to junior/senior level undergraduate students. From 2002 to the present, at various seminars, trade shows, conferences around the globe, Karl have delivered over 100 presentations in the USA, Europe and Asia on Smart Phones, converged mobile devices, Mobile WiMax and the “Subtle Art of Doing Business” with China and India. In 2008, Karl was recruited and accepted the position as ODM/ODM Handset Business Development Manager to work in the Beijing, China office of the World’s largest Smart SIM card Manufacturer to pitch SIM-embedded technologies for handsets. Newport Technologies is Karl’s private vehicle to evangelize his public speaking.