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India's Telecom and Broadband Market Developments

Sridhar T. Pai

Founder & CEO

Tonse Telecom

October 30, 2009
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

$295.00 USD*

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Briefing Abstract

  • Indian Carriers and Industry Structure
  • Wire-line: Challenges and Opportunities
  • Broadband & Internet: Can we repeat the Mobile Magic?
  • State of the Market, Trends and Growth Opportunities

Speaker Profile

Sridhar T. Pai, is founder and CEO of Tonse Telecom, India’s leading telecom research, analysis and consulting company. Sridhar has been in the global telecom industry for over 15 years including wireless infrastructure, NGN and digital media. Starting his career with Motorola, Sridhar worked in packet switched networks before getting involved in Cellular Infrastructure. Sridhar was part of the team that founded Xybridge Technologies, a pioneer in softswitch infrastructure space and eventually sold to Zhone Technologies. Prior to starting Tonse Telecom, Sridhar was director global marketing for IntelliNet Technologies, a US based telecom signaling infrastructure firm. In 2005, Sridhar founded Tonse Telecom, as a research and consulting firm focusing on the Indian telecom eco-system. He has authored multiple Industry reports on Indian telecom covering Wi-Fi, WiMAX BWA, 3G and mobile VAS sectors since 2006. Tonse Telecom provides strategy consulting, investment advisory and training services to the telecom sector. He is based in Bengaluru and may be reached at