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Key Trends & Developments in the European
Data Centre & Co Location Secto

Keith Breed

Reserarch Director

Tariff Consultancy Ltd.


December 3, 2009
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

$295.00 USD*

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Briefing Abstract

Based on new research across 19 European countries, Tariff Consultancy Ltd will provide an overview of the main trends impacting on the European Data Centre & Co Location sector.

The presentation will introduce the main developments taking place in the sector, with projections for pricing per rack and per suite with the implications for space expansion and revenue. It will also provide an overview of the main types of Data Centre provider and the factors underlying the demand for space. It will briefly look at the trends by country, including customer demand, anticipated space and the challenges from energy and power costs facing the Data Centre operator in Europe.

Speaker Profile

An independent consultant since 2005, Keith has been engaged on several market research projects which involve analysing the main trends affecting the telecommunications and IT sectors and has undertaken a number of projects for Tariff Consultancy Ltd over the last two years. Keith has previously been responsible for sales and marketing in the European Head-quarters of Japanese carriers NTT Com and KDD and has had experience of setting up and managing corporate & wholesale sales and marketing departments. He has particular experience of the global telecommunications industry, including Japan and Asia. Prior to joining KDD, he was a Product Manager with Mercury Communications, and after finishing his MBA, started work as a Market Analyst in BT UK's Marketing Strategy Unit. He has written several articles for Total Telecom Magazine. He has an MBA from Bradford University, and his original degree is in Modern History with Economics from Manchester University.