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Advanced Access Architectures

Clifford R. Holliday

Consultant & Author


Date TBA
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM EDT

$195.00 USD*

*10% discount on additional attendee fees
*10% discount for multiple webinars with code MULTI

Briefing Abstract

Advanced Access Architectures (AAA) is a term that encompasses the various approaches to providing advanced services to the residential and small business customer through fiber based access plant technologies. This Webinar will discuss the Advanced Access Architectures being deployed by the major RBOCs in the United States. It will look at the underlying business reasons for the program and the technologies and architectures being deployed. It will also overview the announced plans of the RBOCs and provide IGI forecasts for deployments, as well as up-to-the-minute information on how far the programs have progressed. The Webinar will close with a discussion of bandwidth problems of one prominent architecture, and with a new strategy being deployed by Verizon.

Benefits from this Briefing:

  • Understand why the RBOCs began these very expensive programs.

  • Get an overview of the technologies and architectures that are being used, and the major differences.

  • Understand the quantitative extent of these massive programs, and where they are to date.

  • Review Information Gatekeepers’ forecasts for the next several years relating to these programs.

  • Understand the bandwidth limitations of some AAA approaches and why that is so important to the basic aims of these programs.

  • Get an insight into Verizon’s latest strategic move with AAAs

Speaker Profile

Mr. Holliday spent the most recent years of his career in the development of techniques for technology and strategic planning and to defining appropriate organizations for technology management. Until retirement (1993) he was in charge of advanced technology planning for GTE. Technology planning involved the establishment of network architecture directions and the coordination of standards, research and development activities in support of those directions. In that position (which he pioneered at GTE) he was deeply involved in all phases of telecom network planning. As such he was the instigator of significant commitments to planning for AIN and to its development and implementation. He was also heavily involved as an originator of major broadband network trials at Cerritos, California, and the DARPA sponsored, Gigabit Vistanet trial in North Carolina. He has been involved in leadership roles in various types of technology planning for the last twenty years including plant extensions for a local telco, the establishment planning and control aspects of the then largest energy conversion program in the country, planning for operations support systems and activities, broadband delivery, network intelligence, planning organization structures, and R & D planning.

In the last few years Mr. Holliday has been providing consulting assistance to various companies entering the telecom business (or expanding their positions) and to institutions with a need to rationalize their approaches to telecom/computer planning. He is widely published and often quoted in interviews. He holds a BS degree in Electrical Engineering and an MBA degree.

Mr. Holliday is a Professional Engineer registered in multiple states including Texas.